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The internet is packed with romantic quotes and sayings. Sometimes these are even shared across networks as daily greetings as well.

Here are some romantic captions to promote across social media. They may prove worthwhile in building up your presence in such a competitive virtual world.

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Romantic Captions For Instagram

You are all that I want. #romantic

All I have is you. #iloveyou

Love you beyond this life and even after death. #romanticcouple

Just can’t get enough of you. #romance

I am there for you forever. #feelthelove

Age does not matter in romance. #romanticsouls

Your heart is where I would happily live. #loveyouforever

Love is what keeps us going. #love

Feels like singing in the rain. #feelingblessed

You totally own me. Really. #blissful

You take my breath away. #loveyoubae

I just can’t imagine hurting you. #romanticcouple

You are the only one I wish to spend every moment with. #feelthelove

Can’t imagine a life without you.

Love is what holds us together. #iloveyou

My dreams are only made up of you. #romance

I will die without you. #romanticcouple

I love all that led to our love. #romantic

I just couldn’t understand the concept of love until I met you. #romanticsouls

Every kiss is so soft. #romance

I always dreamed of you – even before I met you.

You are the reality that is more beautiful than my dreams. #iloveyou

I breathe for you alone. #loveyouforever

Without you, I just won’t live anymore. #love

My life began when you accepted to love me. #loveyoubae

Your smile fills my heart. #romantic

You tingle my soul when you touch me. #romance

You are the reason for my living. #romanticsouls

I was made for loving you, darling. #loveyoubae

We are perfect when together. #iloveyou

I just can’t get enough of you. #romanticcouple

Love will keep us alive. #romance

The love of my life. #romantic

My soul yearns for you. #feelthelove

Life without you is simply unimaginable.

The only thing I could ask for was you. #romanticsouls

You are all that I love now. #romanticcouple

You make me whole. #iloveyou

You are my only precious belonging. #romantic

Why does it hurt inside when you are in tears? #romance

My heart skips a beat whenever you walk in. #loveyouforever

Love spending time with you. #romanticcouple

I pray that I die while you hold me in your arms. #feelthelove

I will love you forever and ever. #iloveyou

Saying those three words made me the most responsible immediately.

Without you, I would only be a lifeless being. #romantic

Every kiss makes me yearn for more. #romanticsouls

You were made for loving me, baby. #romance

My love for you will never let me go wrong. #romanticcouple

Only you and I. #iloveyou

That beautiful feeling of being in love.

Lying with you by my side is the best conversation always. #romanticsouls

After fifty years I still love you more than yesterday. #romantic

When our eyes speak more than words. #iloveyou

Life became so much more beautiful after we fell in love. #romance

The only thing I live for. #romanticcouple

You always make me believe in the impossible. #loveyouforever

Love is a lovely thing to experience at least once. #feelthelove

You blow me over. #romantic

My heart is not mine anymore. #iloveyou

A dream without you is so incomplete.

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Funny Romantic Captions with Hashtags

You make us a perfect couple. #romanticsouls

I lose myself in the depths of your eyes. #romanticcouple

Love is so divine. #loveyoubae

If you were a sin, I would repeatedly love it through eternity. #romance

Can’t stop loving you. #iloveyou

My heart craves for you. #romantic

You are my love and my soul. #romanticcouple

It hurts so bad when I think of you. #iloveyou

You make me whole. #feelthelove

I am nothing without you. #romanticcouple

Forever love. #romantic

It pains me so much to see you cry. #iloveyou

You are all that I could ever imagine. #feelthelove

I heard that song without you even singing it. #romance

Just looking in your eyes pacifies me. #romanticcouple

I feel it, can’t describe it. #iloveyou

With every passing day, our love is growing stronger. #romanticsouls

Hold me tight in your arms honey. #romantic

My life, my heart, and my soul are all yours. #romance

Love me like you do babes. #iloveyou

Your love makes me stronger. #romanticsouls

There is so much I want to do. #romanticcouple

Love is somewhere here. #romantic

Your smile is the source of my sustenance. #feelthelove

I find heaven in you. #romanticcouple

You sweep me off my feet.

You are forever in my mind. #iloveyou

Your heart is my whole world. #romantic

I rather breathe my last in your lap.

You are so beautiful. #romanticcouple

I love you however you are. #romanticsouls

Love of my life. #iloveyou

You make me a complete human. #romanticcouple

You are with me always – in my heart. #romantic

I became a believer after I loved you. #iloveyou

You seem to have come from heaven. #romance

Is it me you are looking for? #feelthelove

My love for you is so true. #romanticcouple

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Romantic Captions with Emojis

“You are the 🌟 in my sky and the 🌊 in my ocean.”

“My ❤️ beats for you like the 🥁 of a drum.”

“I never knew love could feel so sweet 🍬 until I met you.”

“You are the 🌞 in my day and the 🌙 in my night.”

“With you by my side, every day feels like a 🎂 celebration.”

“I am grateful every day for your 💖 and the love you give me.”

“I love you to the 🌕 and back.”

“You are my 🍎 of my eye and the 🍯 in my tea.”

“I am so lucky to have found my 👸 in a world full of ordinary people.”

“My heart skips a beat every time I see your 😍 smile.”

“You are the missing piece to my ❤️ puzzle 🧩.”

“My heart races every time I see your 👀 gaze.”

“I am lost in your 💋 kisses and your warm embrace 🤗.”

“With you, I feel like I’m on top of the 🌎 world.”

“You light up my life like a 💡 bulb.”

“I’m so lucky to have found my soulmate in this 🌎 world 🌍.”

“You make every day feel like a 🎉 party 🥳.”

“I love you more than 🍕 pizza and 🍫 chocolate combined.”

“You are my ☀️ sunshine on a cloudy day ☁️.”

“You complete me like a 🔑 key fits into a lock 🔒.”

Romance Captions for Instagram

Together forever. I never want to part with you.

I only wish I could hold this moment forever. #forever

My love for you is an addiction that I’ll never quit.

All I want is to just be with you.

You have been the one, the only one.

I’ve never been able to take my eyes off you.

I must be the luckiest man you have got your love. #lucky

It has always been you and you alone.

Your love is just too good to be true.

This moment with you is where I want to get lost forever.

Be mine, and let me be yours forever.

Let’s dance to the tune of eternal romance.

It is only when we love that we actually live.

I still go weak in the knees whenever I see you.

It’s just you and me. Nothing in between.

I want to hold your hand forever.

Our romance is truly unique. #unique

We never love the same way twice.

We will be forever each other’s.

Romance is always in the air when you and I are together.

I’ve seen you a million times, and I still get butterflies when I see you.

When you’re with me, I don’t know why our time has to fly so fast.

Our love is what amazes even the gods.

Romance blooms when we can be both lovers and best friends.

What you do or might have done is immaterial. I just love you.

A romance doesn’t have to be perfect. Just beautiful will do.

I love being with you more than anything else in the world. #romantic

We may act silly, but we definitely love each other.

You are my today, my tomorrow, and my forever after.

Your love is the blessing that picked me up and loved me.

I love falling in love with you over and over again.

Your love is what makes me complete and whole.

At first, I never knew it would be the most important thing in my life.

The only thing I give importance to is that you and I are together.

My heart always tends to beat faster whenever I see you.

You are the one I saw, I wanted, I craved for, and I have loved. #love

Actually, you and I have made a pretty little gang together.

Most of my smiles are all about you.

I just want to be beside you forever.

If there is one risk that I’ll take, it will always be you.

To be anywhere with you is far better than being everywhere without you.

Each time you laugh makes me fall in love with you again.

Your hand has been made perfectly just to fit in mine.

You’re weird. I’m weird. It’s even weirder than we’re weirdly in love.

I look into the sky, and all I can see is only your face. #valentine

I rather share an umbrella with you than walk alone in the sunshine.

It’s awfully simple to fall in love, but simply awful fall out of it.

The only favorite thing I have is you.

I just can’t imagine a life without you in it.

We are a single soul but with two hearts.

I’m crazy for you. But I go crazier without you.

Ever since I met you, my life changed completely.

Our love is strong enough to brave every storm.

I just cannot explain how important you are to me.

I’ll never understand what I did to deserve your love. #romance

You are a wonder, and a new amaze me with the love that you shower upon me.

I may not be able to explain it, but I love you more than anything else.

I know I’m not perfect, but in your eyes, I am.

Since the time you came into my life, I’ve had a smile on my lips.

You’re the one, the only one. And no one else will do.

I don’t want your love to be perfect. I just need it to be true.

The only thing that makes me whole is you.

Funny Romance Captions

I don’t know what our souls are made up of, but they’re just the same.

If love is a Kingdom, I’m the king, and you are my queen. #valentine

We are actually two hearts beating together as one.

I only find it worth they think only about you.

I love you because you’re perfect. I love you more for your imperfections.

My heart holds more love for you than you can ever imagine.

Your love is my source for sustenance.

I simply cannot see anything else except you.

Don’t measure my heart. It is a bottomless pit.

You are the sunshine that lights up my world.

I’m in love with you. That’s how romantic I can be.

If your love is a hazard, then I’m in a catastrophe. #love

I only wish us to live happily ever after.

We ought to drift together in love.

I only want to grow old with you by my side.

My soul loves only you.

For you, I can give up everything in the world.

Every part of my being aches to love you.

I only wish I could love you more.

How will win our friendship turned into love is something will never know.

I just can’t seem to understand how I love you more today than I did yesterday.

Just being with you means a lot to me. #romance

Just being in love with you is enough. It’s a blessing in itself.

I just want you in every life that I’m given.

The only place I love to be is by your side.

The best romantic story is ours.

I always pay that I love you even after I die.

You’re the one who showed me what love is.

You are as important to me as my breathing. #important

love day Captions for Social Media

-Hate can’t remove darkness of mind – love can –let’s spread love on the occasion of global love day.

-As you deserve to be loved, sending lots of love from the core of heart on the occasion of global love day.

-Love is the power which can win hearts – wishing a happiest global love day. #power

-Loving others and getting love back is a wonderful experience – keep loving – warm wishes on global love day. #wonderful

-Love is pure – let’s spread the purity among the people – have a happiest global love day. #pure

-Love nourishes the souls – let your soul to be nourished – warm wishes on global love day. #nourishment

-Love has the power of healing wound of your heart – accept love & let it be spread – wishing a happiest global love day.

-The easier way to handle an adverse situation by loving – understand the importance of love – greetings on global love day.

-A wrong person can be changed into good& right by the touch of love – let’s spread love – have a happy global love day.

-Love is the medicine of soul –it can make soul happier – wishing a happy global love day. #medicineofsoul

-Souls are thirsty for love – let’s spread love – warm wishes on global love day. #thristforlove

-We can stop a person from being adamant by loving unconditionally – happy global love day.

-On the occasion of global love day let’s understand the importance of love and let’s spread it among people.

-From child to adult everybody deserves love –let’s spread love on the occasion of global love day.

-Love is affection & loving means caring & trusting – it creates a beautiful bonding among persons – have a happy global love day. #bonding

-Love is intrinsic – feel it – warm wishes on global love day. #intrinsic

-Love is heavenly feelings that have ability to bloom flowers of happiness in hearts – let’s worship love. #worship

-The essence of love is divine –feel it & let’s spread – have a happy global love day. #divine

-Love is the most beautiful thing neither can be seen nor can be touched – let’s feel it – have a lovely global love day.

-Love adds wings in your life &with the help of those wings you can reach to your destination – have a happy global love day. #wings

-Love teaches us to forgive – let’s love each other and learn to forgive – wishing a very happy global love day. #forgive

-Love brings peace in life – let’s spread love & lead a peaceful life – warm wishes on global love day. #peaceful

-Love teaches about dedication – let’s spread love – wishing a very happy global love day.

-Love brings happiness – let’s spread love & be happy – Warm wishes on global love day. #happiness

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